Good Wealth Management

HD video, 4h 30’21”
De Chinese Toko, Arnhem (2014)

A three-day long imitation of a fortune-cat, as a ‘service’ to the Chinese Toko in Arnhem.

The Maneki-neco is a well-known bringer of fortune and object of superstition, often found in Asian shops. The arm always swings in the right direction, pointing to a prosperous income or glorious wealth.

In Good Wealth Management I offer to take its place in the shop window of the toko for three days. I sit quietly and move my arm up and down from the shoulder joint. With minimal changes in movement I try to continuously improve the ‘technique’, to reduce the pain and to prolongue endurance. Passers-by on the street stop, take pictures, imitate the movement in agreement, or don’t notice it.

This work marks my dedication to places of daily labour and automation. The gesture is situated in labours negative, yet lays bear its addagio of perfecting abstract skills for humans, and employing repetition, rehearsal and micro-alterations for the accumilation of wealth.