Hosting Air - Ether

three day performance
Palais de Tokyo (2016)

Ongoing research on the unemployed uniform

“If we are to believe relational spacetime theory, then space does not exist unless there are objects in it; nor does time exist without events. We’ll host within these rules of relativity, but then taking air as a measure to all other things.”

The first female flight attendant was employed in 1930 to both serve and calm passengers with a maternal but alluring presence. Within her role and appearance the feminine ‘soft power’ of seduction and negotiation is combined with a more ‘hard power’ emanation of authority. To examine these ways of exploiting ‘hardened, socially constructed female roles’, we decided to take up the benefits of the uniform without having the duties. As such we have refurnished the Air Hostess concept into Hosting Air - Hosting clear skies and empty spaces.

Since november 2014 we are, proud to say, unemployed Air Hostesses, wearing our selfmade uniforms while being permanently off duty.

But the absence of duties rendered us useless, and sometimes rebelling against this lethargy by performing in small, we found ourselves confronted with difficulties, such as - how to perform without hosting an audience? - as well as more existential questions like - how to host without providing a service? Our response is to presence to a minimum, retreating into a kind of symbiotic mutism, rehearsively wandering and synchronized browsing through passersby. We play between the inevitabel presence of a having a body and the non-presence of a wandering mind.

Kitty Maria and Elise Ehry

(In publications often referred to as Heather and Rosetta.)